New Amazon drone video, brought to you by Jeremy Clarkson

  • New Amazon drone video, brought to you by Jeremy Clarkson

New Amazon drone video, brought to you by Jeremy Clarkson

Amazon has pepped up interest level in its drone delivery plan for Cyber Monday with an exciting video starring none other than Top Gear's former host Jeremy Clarkson.

The drone uses "sense and avoid technology" technology to avoid objects in its flight path and scans the ground for a clear landing area.

The appeal of Prime Air is that it will, in theory, be able to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less.

The company says the service will launch once the company has "the regulatory support needed to safely realize our vision". In time, there will be a whole variety of designs, with different designs for different environments, said the narrator, automotive journalist Jeremy Clarkson.

So we probably won't see Amazon Prime Air taking off any time soon. The new drone features a vertical take-off propeller to gain altitude, at which point it swaps to "airplane mode" and is powered by a second perpendicular propeller, providing a claimed 15 miles of flight range.

The drone would land in your yard, and fly away once you picked up the package.

The online sales giant used the occasion of Cyber Monday - set to be the biggest shopping day ever with sales predicted to hit $3 billion - to unveil its updated future delivery project, Prime Air. Amazon has been conducting research and development regarding drone-assisted deliveries, and recently unveiled a hybrid delivery drone that can fly both horizontally and vertically to drop packages.

The company website says there are more than a dozen prototypes that have been developed in Amazon labs.

TechCrunch said Amazon Prime Air isn't around for Cyber Monday deliveries because it still has plenty of bugs to work out. The parents make use of an Amazon-branded tablet to order a specific pair of Puma soccer shoes, naturally from Amazon, which will be delivered in 30 minutes or less via a drone.