Mary-Kate Olsen marries Olivier Sarkozy

  • Mary-Kate Olsen marries Olivier Sarkozy

Mary-Kate Olsen marries Olivier Sarkozy

The wedding took place at a private residence on 49th street. The garden was filled with around 50 guests and to ensure privacy, they were asked to turn off their cellphones before the ceremony.

No comments have yet been made by Mary-Kate's camp to confirm the reports. As a result, there was no video or photo images of the wedding to share on social media.

"It's gonna be a family thing", she said, speaking after the announcement of the Film Independent Spirit Awards nominations. "She remembers all the kids' special events", a source shared to the same publication. That seems kind of far away. Despite their mutual attraction, though, when Sarkozy first proposed, in 2013, she turned him down.

Although we probably won't be implementing Olsen's smoky reception decorations any time soon, we can only imagine how unbelievable the fashion designer's wedding dress looked.

Ashley Olsen's twin has been dating the half-brother of former French President Nicholas Sarkozy since 2012. "She's not in any rush".

"She wasn't sure she could handle a serious relationship right now".

Another insider noted that the once-wed multimillionaire "wants to lock her down for life".

Olsen finally said "yes".

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy have reportedly Wednesday.

It was also reported that even Olivier's ex-wife Charlotte - who he was married to for 13 years -loves Mary-Kate.

Former child star Mary-Kate Olsen has reportedly married her fiance Olivier Sarkozy.