Carson: Syrian refugees want to go home

  • Carson: Syrian refugees want to go home

Carson: Syrian refugees want to go home

The real problem is that we have become coarse and hateful toward each other we've allowed the purveyors of division to put us in separate corners and have us hurl hand grenades at each other rather than being able to sit down at a table and talk about our differences. "That comes from both sides, so there's no saint here in this equation". There's no saint here in this equation.

He acknowledges that the U.S. must do more, which is a start. How can we begin to engage in rational discussion? "But you have to make progress as you go". What happened to the civility that used to characterize our society? Perhaps that was what sparked his desire to take a surprise trip to Jordan in order to meet some of the Syrian refugees.

"Well, you know, I haven't had a chance to actually visit them yet and see what they're doing". And it was pretty uniform. "Do we want to give them what they need, or do we want to continue playing around?" "They were quite willing to stay there as long as it takes before they can get back home", he said. "So you need to be working on some type of mechanism to keep it from being a perpetual turmoil". "That's how we solve problems".

"They want to go back to their lives". Furthermore, they want the global community to support the efforts of the Jordanians to house and protect them. "They understand here that we're talking about the jihadists, the Islamic terrorists". The cash crunch has created increasingly unbearable conditions for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and - to a lesser extent - in economically more robust Turkey.

The governor's office sent out a release saying Colyer, who has worked in conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere for more than 25 years, first met with Dr. Carson a few months ago. "Why wouldn't they?" Carson said on ABC's "This Week". Seeing a fence with holes cut in it that people can easily go through, and that's barrier.

He added, "I think the most compassionate thing when you're fighting a war is to do it quickly". It also says the Syrians are subjected to greater scrutiny than any other class of traveler. With adequate funding, he thinks they would work well.

"I would certainly like to see all of the countries in the region focus more on the global radical jihadist movement".

Carson was then asked if he thought there were terrorists among those refugees he talked to.

"I don't know whether there were or not".

Carson said the experience had not caused him to waver from his strong opposition to Syrian refugees coming to the US.

BRIANNA: I want to ask you about something were hearing from Tennessee. And sole objective Isis structure. They hope missions like this will help change that. "I saw pain on the faces of mothers and children". Comment below and let us know.