Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages will speed up the web in 2016

  • Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages will speed up the web in 2016

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages will speed up the web in 2016

Announced earlier this year, Google's AMP Project's aim is to speed up the mobile web. A bevy of new media organizations and ad tech companies have announced their support and commitment to the open source project, as well. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, which launched last month, will be integrated into Google Search starting "early next year, "according to a company blog post".

Google has already roped in marquee publishers, including* the NY Times, Washington Post and BBC.

Google has yet to reveal full details on how AMP will reduce data usage for both content and ads, but it promises websites that it won't affect traffic, analytics, or other advertising data.

Facebook, which has said that Instant Articles can load 10 times faster than standard mobile Web pages, gives its partners two options for ad revenues: either handle display advertising on their own to keep 100 percent of revenues, or let Facebook manage ad sales in return for a 30 percent share of sales. Facebook's Instant Articles and Apple News are a response to this, and Google, not wanting to be left out, quietly worked on AMP, which appears closer than ever to launching.

Google is also working with a number of mobile analytics firms to make sure that the performance is the AMP pages is recorded and analyzed correctly.

AMP pages will ensure that content and text load in a matter of seconds, rather than the current scenario where the experience is often fragmented for most users. Publishers also need to have ads and analytics to be able to understand what their consumers would and won't like; and in order to monetize their contents.

Analytics firms like comScore, Adobe Analytics,, Chartbeat, Nielsen, ClickTale and Google Analytics, are also supporting AMP. Google says that 4,500 developers have signed up for the service so far, and contributions and sample requests on GitHub to its codebase have already exceeded 250. Instead, AMP will provide a technical framework that any publisher can use to help improve the mobile experience of their target audience. After the demise of popular news apps such as Flipboard and Circa, Google hopes to capitalize in a market that shows a lot potential.