Was Donald Trump's hosting gig worth it for NBC?

  • Was Donald Trump's hosting gig worth it for NBC?

Was Donald Trump's hosting gig worth it for NBC?

Prior to Donald Trump's SNL appearance, the February, 2015, Melissa McCarthy and Imagine Dragons show drew the biggest ratings amongst viewers with a 2.7 rating. Even if Bill Maher could appear for that in order to offer a Trump rebuttal, it would be funny.

"Part of the reason I'm here is that I know how to take a joke", Trump added, before he was joined on stage by two Trump impersonators. Inside Larry David won $5,000 by interrupting the show and screaming, "Trump is a racist!" Referring to episodes of Saturday Night Live past, he said: "This show has been a disaster for me".

Before Trump's performance Juan Escalante, the director of digital campaigns for America's Voice, explained his group's feelings of frustration and offense over NBC's decision to let Trump host.

DeportRacism.com said on its website that by inviting Donald to host SNL gave him "a platform" and "sends the wrong message that his offensive and racist comments about Latinos and Mexicans are acceptable". Despite a 40-year history of lampooning politicians while inviting some to mock themselves as on-air guests, booking a presidential candidate to host the NBC sketch-comedy show is almost unprecedented. "NBC is going for the ratings, and so are we".

"As a businessman I can fully respect that", The Apprentice star said in reply before the show continued. But leading up to Saturday's broadcast, NBC did not respond to accusations that it had reversed itself, or to the outcry against Trump that had built since "SNL" announced his host booking last month.

Check out the video of Trump's monologue and David's interruption.

But the "heckler" was comedian Larry David, who before Trump arrived onstage had been seen impersonating Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

Secretary Omarosa reported that Trump called Putin "a loser" and made him cry.

Daniel D'Addario said: "The show was at odds with itself in a manner that made truly bad TV".

Live Tweeting: Trump isn't in this sketch, but that doesn't stop him from live-tweeting it, much to the cast members' chagrin.

Before the show, Latino activists demonstrated outside NBC's New York studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.


Donald Trump was the punchline in his own monologue on "Saturday Night" Live last night.