It's Spacewalk No. 2 for NASA's 1-year spaceman

  • It's Spacewalk No. 2 for NASA's 1-year spaceman

It's Spacewalk No. 2 for NASA's 1-year spaceman

South Korean President Park Geun-hye walks past a NASA logo during a tour of projects and programs that are underway at the agency's Goddard Space Flight Center, Wednesday, October 14, 2015, in Greenbelt, Md. Fortunately neither one had any ammonia on them when they checked upon reentry and the loose stitch in Kelly's glove was inconsequential.

It was the duo's second spacewalk in the last nine days. This was the 190 spacewalk outside of the ISS, bringing up the total spacewalking time to more than 1,192 hours combined. They spend nearly eight hours outside the worldwide Space Station and switched the ammonia coolant back to its normal levels.

Lindgren helped Kelly untangle his restraints when they met up.

The backup radiator, which Lindgren retracted earlier in the spacewalk, was fully redeployed and locked into place in a dormant state.

Mending the leak in the cooling system completed repairs on a leak that began causing problems in 2012. One of the crewmembers sustained minor damage to his gloves during the set up mission, but the two astronauts were otherwise unharmed. (3.4 kg), NASA officials said in the online webcast.

"If you were to stick your head inside of there and take a smell, it probably smells like a locker room", Wheelock says.

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It's Spacewalk No. 2 for NASA's 1-year spaceman

'We are looking at the volume of different structures in the brain and whether they change in size or shape during spaceflight, ' said principal investigator Rachael D. Seidler, director of the University of Michigan's Neuromotor Behaviour Laboratory.

"You do all my work - I owe you dinner", Lindgren responded. Though, they ran out of time to cinch backup radiator.

'More will be needed to crew future missions to the space station and destinations in deep space, ' Nasa said in a statement.


Then, it was time for cleanup, taking inventory of their tools and heading in. "Welcome back", Japanese crewmate Kimiya Yui added from inside. The spacesuits that Kelly and Lindgren will don on Friday are not the latest in celestial fashion. Any residue of the substance on spacesuits must be evaporated off before the end of the mission.