Dell & HP Tell Customers Not To Upgrade To Windows 10

  • Dell & HP Tell Customers Not To Upgrade To Windows 10

Dell & HP Tell Customers Not To Upgrade To Windows 10

OEMs deserve a few slack since Windows 10 has barely been on the market for three months, but at the same time, Microsoft can't be happy that its hardware partners haven't sufficiently trained their support staff to deal with these kinds of issues, or that they're apparently quick to recommend a downgrade to Windows 8.1.

So far reviews of Windows 10 have been largely positive. As this marketing push from Microsoft has been strong, they've had plenty of support from OEM's like Dell, HP, and Lenovo, who have all been marketing their PC's with Windows 10 in mind.

Research conducted by Laptop magazine for its annual Tech Showdown found that telephone support agents for Dell and HP told customers that they don't encourage upgrading to Windows 10. Perhaps as Windows 10 matures, tech support will become more well-versed with the operating system but for now, don't be surprised if you were to call tech support that you might be recommended to rollback to an older version of Windows.

This website actually does call tech support lines annually just to see what the response call times are and get information about how tech support is or isn't helping those out there with computer related issues.

While phone agents weren't helpful, reports that web-based chat and Twitter often yields better results. It was even happening in instances where it was a minor issue that had to do with settings, and there would be absolutely no need to downgrade the operating system. This is an easy fix with the same procedure across all Windows versions, yet the representative suggested rolling back to Windows 8.1 as a solution, saying "there are a lot of glitches in Windows 10".

Sounds simple, right? But one agent recommended uninstalling Windows 10 to solve the problem. According to an interesting new report from Laptop, PC tech support representatives are actively advising customers to stay away from Windows 10.

Another call was a 57-minute call to HP, which was about trying to get a CoolSense temperature control application working again after the upgrade to the new operating system.

Changing the touchpad scrolling direction in Windows 10 is the same process in Windows 8 or Windows 7, which makes the rep's reply a bit unwarranted.