Apple Watch Launches In India Today

  • Apple Watch Launches In India Today

Apple Watch Launches In India Today

Apple has finally launched their much-awaited smartwatch today at a starting price of Rs 30,900. Opting for the bigger 42mm casing takes the price up to Rs 9.9 lakh while the highest-end version of this watch costs Rs 14.2 lakh. The company in September released watchOS 2 as well, the updated system software for the Apple Watch, which brought features like activation lock, native apps, and more. The Apple differs from several other watches and bands that are smart because it does more than anything out there, we've used.

The Apple watch that comes in Rose Gold, Gold, Silver Anodized Aluminum, Space Gray, Space Black stainless steel, polished silver and will be now available all across India at Apple's retail outlets.

Commenting on the report, Daniel Matte, Analyst said, "After experiencing significant supply chain constraints early on, Apple managed to overcome its production struggles with the Apple Watch and is building momentum going into Q4".

The company has launched three variants in two different display sizes-38mm and 42mm-and customers will have an option to buy from 40 combinations.

The Apple Watch has seen healthy demand around the world but how will it fare in India? It took a few time for Apple's smart watch to arrive in the country but it was an opportunity for a lot of Apple fans to get their hands or wrists on the Apple Watch. Recently Tim Cook told India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the country holds a, "very special place in the heart of every Apple employee" because it was somewhere Steve Jobs visited as a young man searching for inspiration. Using the same band, the Stainless Steel case version in the two sizes costs Rs 48,900 and Rs 52,900 respectively.

QUESTION 6: How is the Apple Watch priced in India? The device is probably the best smartwatch available on the market right now, and it has helped Apple keep its earnings on the upside after analysts believed it would track lower. They're luxury products for those who can afford them. While the entry level Watch in Silver Aluminium Case and White Sport Band is priced Rs 30,900 for the 38mm it is Rs 34,900 for the 42mm respectively.

Apple makes use of a technology called force touch, an advanced type of haptic feedback, which has also made way into its Macs and iPhones.