Patriots Employees 'Interrogated' By NFL After Jets' Complaint

  • Patriots Employees 'Interrogated' By NFL After Jets' Complaint

Patriots Employees 'Interrogated' By NFL After Jets' Complaint

He did not directly answer a question from New Jersey Advance Media about whether the locker room had been swept, regardless of who might have initiated the request, and later repeated his response in a tweet.

Making the matter even more confusing, a source told Pro Football Talk that the Patriots now are concerned that a team will plant a bug in an attempt frame them, and they have asked the league to certify before each game that the locker room is clean.

The sweep of the locker room and the 15-minute long questioning of the Patriots' employees produced "no evidence of wrongdoing", according to Howe.

The New England Patriots defeated the New York Jets in Week 7, 30-23, and according to a new report, the National Football League may have made sure they didn't have any illegal advantages over Gang Green prior to the contest. 

The Jets would not comment on their security measures. So it's totally possible the Jets requested a sweep.

McCarthy doesn't say the Jets didn't ask while pointing out the league does do "regular and random checks".

It's hard to blame the Jets, especially considering they were so involved in Spygate years ago. McCarthy would not discuss details about specific games. The New York Post also shot down the rumor. "And then when he would go in there and he would talk to his teammates, he'd put his hand over this mouth and he'd whisper into the ear of his teammates because he was afraid that there could actually be a camera in there to read his lips".