Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Sam Bradford Struggles, DeMarco Murray Best

Unfortunately, Jason Kelce snapped the ball early on the next play and Dallas got the ball back, but I'm focusing on the Eagles forcing fumbles. "We've got other guys who have to win and just read the coverages and make good decisions and go where the defense is telling you to go with the ball". You've got to move him around, don't make it easy for them. But they've now won two in a row with Murray carrying 20 and 21 times and gaining 83 and 112 yards and one touchdown in each game against the Saints and Giants. After gaining 120 yards on those first two drives, the Giants managed to gain only 127 the remainder of the game.

The best part of that - besides opening up play action and bootleg passes - was that for the first time in the Chip Kelly era, his team was able to consistently run a four-minute offense to protect its lead. Many interceptions take place when a quarterback throws into traffic - either slightly under or overthrowing the ball to a receiver who may or may not have a higher vertical than their defender. Bradford said he could have been sharper over the first six games, but hand't planned to make a grand assessment of his performance at this point of the season.

"We have a number of guys who have game experience, who a few of which have different roles and they'll continue in those roles, and they will continue to help us on special teams". We made a hole out of a divot when we didn't have to climb out of anything. "We talk about it a lot".

Mychal Kendricks is nearing a return to game action, however, Kelly hesitated to proclaim him to be available for Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers.

Before we start breaking that game down though, let's delve deeper in the Monday night game against the Eagles. I skipped the World Long Drive Championship because I think the long drive discipline is not real golf.

"It's something we need to address and it just comes down to everybody doing their job and making plays". Moore has been declared inactive for Sunday's game against the Cowboys. Kennard said he came through the game fine.

"This is where we are right now", Coughlin said.

Giants offensive line: Eli Manning took a beating against the Eagles.

Two players coming off hamstring injuries were both eased back into the lineup. "If we can include him, then we will". While neither team exemplified particular prowess, the Eagles came away with a win exclusively because of their ability to capitalize on turnovers with scores, while the Giants frequently allowed their strokes of luck to go unrewarded. "It's not something that I should be surprised by anymore, it just kind of the defense that teams are playing, and it's what they do". We also saw DeMarco Murray rush for over 100 yards and a touchdown, which seems as rare as a blood moon these days.

Beckham Jr. only drew one target in the second half of Monday's 27-7 loss to Philadelphia after catching all seven passes thrown his way in the first half, including the Giants' only touchdown.

Watching Witten: Witten has killed the Giants in the last five games.

Remember, this is the same defense that saw Kirk Cousins, the seventh-best quarterback in the NFC East, do his best Joe Montana impersonation in Washington.

On the next series, defensive end Damontre Moore is called for a very late and senseless roughing the passer penalty on a third-and-10.